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Play To Win

The "Play to Win" game mode, where you actually play for the cards, will be released soon. But watch out! When you play in this mode you can win cards, but you can also lose cards that you own! Cards that you win you will receive as NFTs into your wallet, but cards that you lost are irretrievably gone! From there we recommend to start and practice with the "Play for Fun" mode. Read more in our Whitepaper.

Tap on "Game rules" to learn more.

Play for Fun

The "Play for Fun" mode is the only current game mode. Here you can get to know the game better and - as the name implies - play for fun! It is a game of player vs. AI. You play with your own cards but no cards are actually won or lost yet. Read more in our Whitepaper.

Wanna Play again?

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It's your turn and now you can choose the property you want to play with.

Properties are:
- Top speed
- horsepower
- acceleration
- cylinders
- engine size
- Engine weight
- Price

For each property, the best (highest) value wins - except for weight, where the lowest value (the lightest car) wins. Please note that for acceleration, the lowest value is the best value (meaning the best acceleration).

Please follow this LINK to read the full game rules.