• the first NFT collectible card game with chrome, speed and horsepower based on the polygon blockchain.

    Scroll down to learn more about our beautifully designed NFTs in 5+ exclusive collections and of course about the game behind it.

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    We are returning to NFT.NYC for the third consecutive year in 2024. We’re excited to engage with the vibrant community of like-minded individuals, industry experts, and NFT enthusiasts. And we look forward to seeing many friends again.

    NFT.NYC is the world leading NFT-event.
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  • Superfast.cards is more than a nice collection of collectible NFTs – it’s a fully playable car quartet game in which each NFT represents a playing card.

    Already got cards? Then click the link below and PLAY FOR FUN or PLAY TO EARN up to 100,000 PETROL every day! Have no cards yet? Then click on The Collection above to buy your first cards.


  • Check out your very personal Garage and find all car(d)s in your possesion – sorted by their categories.

    The more floors you have, the more categories your portfolio covers. Collect more cards to own them all, as not only you will get tokens for each NFT in your possession, but multiple times if you own categories completely.

    The Garage is the base and starting point of the quartet game and practically your account. Check it out and learn more via this link:

    Your Garage
  • PETROL is the substance that moves our game forward. It’s as simple as this: The more NFTs the more Tokens! With every NFT you buy, you receive a certain amount of PETROL that you can use to play games, trade or buy more NFTs, or enjoy other benefits within the game.

    Wanna know more? Please read our Whitepaper.

    You can not only use PETROL in the game, but also earn it. Click on The Games to start Play to Earn. There will also be regular opportunities to earn more PETROL – join our Discord to make sure you don’t miss out!

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The Quartet Game

SUPERFAST.CARDS is more than a nice collection of collectible NFTs – it’s a fully playable car quartet game in which each NFT represents a playing card. And thanks to the blockchain, each card is unique and has a distinct owner.

The game principle is very simple: The better Car(d) wins!

  • The first game mode is called “Play for Fun” and is designed to get to know the game better. It is a game of player vs. AI and as the name suggests, it’s all about the fun.
  • The second and brand new game mode is called “Play to Earn” and allows you to earn up to 100,000 PETROL a day with your cards – without any risk. What are you waiting for?
  • Very soon the third game mode “Play to Win” follows in which you actually play for the cards. And a little later we will publish game modes like Player vs. Players and multiplayer, where you play for the cards or for PETROL – to win, of course.

Click here to play the game.

The Quartet Game

Additional Games

In addition to the Quartet game, there are two other games that were originally developed as pre-games to shorten the wait for launch of the quartet game.
Since they are a lot of fun, too, you can still play them here:

Your daily chance to win a


Daily Competition

Daily Competition

The rules are very simple:
Every day there is a different competition (eg. highest top speed or horsepower or lowest weight etc.). You can participate each day with one card from your set.

At the end of the day, the card with the highest value will win another cool NFT from the SUPERFAST.CARDS Collection!

Play now

Another daily chance to win




The rules are very simple:
Just like in a classic slot machine, you only have to press the lever (resp. press the SPIN button) and the three cards spin in a circle.

And of course, the result counts: if three of the same cards remain standing, then you have won a random SUPERFAST.CARDS NFT from our Collection!

Play now

The Collections

SUPERFAST.CARDS is the first NFT collectible card game with chrome, speed and horsepower!

The first collection consists of 500 unique vehicles and automotive legends from today and the last century – and the community already owns 130,000 individual NFTs of them.

But of course, that was just the beginning. We’ve already added several additional (and limited) collections with the Silver Collection, the very rare Rose Gold Collection and the exclusive Carbon & Leather Collection. The even more exclusive and very limited Gold Collection will follow very soon – and there will be some more to come! In total, the first collection series will include 1,300 beautiful, rare and exquisite automobiles.

Want to add them to your own collection? Well, then follow the links below.

  • The Collection
    The Collection
    Silver Collection
    Silver Collection
    Rose Gold Collection
    Rose Gold Collection
    very rare
  • Carbon & Leather Collection
    Carbon & Leather Collection
    rare & limited
    Gold Collection
    Gold Collection
    exclusive & limited

    Coming Soon
    More to come soon
    More to come soon


Superfast.cards are much more than simple pfp NFT’s!

They are carefully designed collector cards and at the same time playing cards for a unique community game.

And here is our roadmap:

Dec, 2021

Phase 1: Launch & Massive Airdrop

Collection launch | 1st pre launch game | Free pack giveaways!

– The Collection is dropped, ✅
– the first free NFT Starter Packs are given out ✅
– more and more people are joining our Discord Channel every day ✅

Now it’s time to launch a first Superfast.cards pre launch game! It’s a daily contest for the best card and every day a different property wins. Click here to get to the first pre launch game. You want to get even more Superfast.cards? Invite your friends to our Discord and get another free NFT for every friend that joins.

Jan, 2022

Phase 2: Second Game & Silver Collection

2nd pre launch game kicks off | Launch of our exclusive Silver Collection

The second phase was launched on January 3rd. And because it’s so much fun, we published a second pre-launch game right away: the Superfast.cards Slot Machine! ✅

The game is based on a classic slot machine. Push the lever and watch three cards spin. With a little luck you will have three of the same! Just play and win more NFT’s every day!

What else happend in phase 2?

  • The NFT sale began! ✅
  • For only 9 Matic you can get more packs containing 5 cards of our NFT collection or one of our exclusive „Silver Collection“! The Silver Collection adds some even stronger and faster cars to the game. There are a few real gems among them.
Feb, 2022

Phase 3: Your personal Garage

Launch of Account (Garage)

In the third phase we have further expanded our website and our features. Most important news: the account section now shows the personal garage and thus provides a good overview of all NFTs in one’s possession and which ones are missing in the respective category. ✅

The garage will be an important part of the soon to follow Main Game. And collecting them makes even more sense: the more categories that are completed, the more Superfast Tokens may be claimed!

What else happened in phase 3?

  • We implemented our original website in no time during the last Christmas season and didn’t have much time for good design and features – after all, we needed all the design capacity in the creation of our Superfast.cards Collections. But that has finally changed: the new website is finally there (and you are just looking at it).
  • Website Update! ✅
Mar, 2022


Superfast Token Release | Launch of Rose Gold & Carbon & Leather Collection

The waiting was over in March! The Superfast Token PETROL finally came into play! PETROL is the substance that moves our game forward. ✅

It’s as simple as this: The more NFTs the more Tokens! With every NFT you buy, you receive a certain amount of PETROL that you can use to play games, trade or buy more NFTs, or enjoy other benefits within the game. Every early NFT holder has received a decent amount of PETROL at launch! The more NFTs the more tokens. Silver Collection NFT- Holders even received a multiple of tokens. ✅

In preparation and anticipation for the launch of the Quartet Game, we have expanded our NFT selection with two exclusive Collections: the very rare and limited to a few vehicles Rose Gold Collection and the noblest, fastest and strongest cards yet in the also strictly limited Carbon and Leather Collection. ✅

Apr, 2022


Superfast.cards Play For Fun | Quartet Game Launch

In April, we were finally able to launch the first game mode of the Quartet Game (Play for Fun) and let the community compete against the AI with their own cards – as the name suggests, however, for the time being only for fun. A good opportunity to try out the game without stress, risk or worries and to get to know it better! ✅

May, 2022


Superfast.cards Play To Earn (test drivers only)

In May, we have launched the second game mode of the Quartet Game – but for test drivers only. This game mode is called “Play to Earn” and as the name suggests, you can play it to earn tokens. The more difficult the game selection, the more PETROL there is to earn – in total, each player will be able to earn up to 100,000 PETROL per day. Not so bad, is it? ✅

Jun, 2022

Phase 7: NFT.NYC & Campaign Start

Superfast.cards at NFT.NYC

From June 20-23 we will be in New York with many other NFT projects at the largest NFT convention in the world. We are very excited and grateful to be part of this great event and look forward to many exciting new contacts!

What else is planned for phase 7?

  • Sometime in mid-June, we plan to finish the testing phase and go live with Play-to-earn. From then on, every player can earn a small fortune in PETROL with their cards – completely risk-free and free of charge for the time being.

  • It’s time to expand the community and invite more people to our Discord and to our game! Therefore, at the end of June/beginning of July we will launch a major campaign via youTube and various other social media channels and look forward to seeing the family grow!
Sep, 2022

Phase 8: Play to Win!

Launch of Quartet Game Play to Win mode

Phase 8 is planned for late summer/ early fall this year and will bring us another exciting update of the quartet game: the Play-to-Win-mode!

Play to Win is about exactly what the name suggests: winning! The game now enters a more professional phase, because from now on you can use all your skills and the best cards to get more cards. But beware: this time it’s serious! In play-to-win mode, you can not only win cards, but also lose them!

And another aspect will make this game mode exciting: the possibility to compete against human opponents – i.e. player against player! So from now on it will not only be possible to play against the AI but also concretely against other players.

Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

Nov, 2022

Phase 9: New Devs & Sports cars to win!

Swapping platform | Start of an incredible sweepstake series

Phase 9 will start sometime toward end of 2022 and still has a lot to offer:

  • We want to give you the opportunity to swap your cards with each other. For this purpose we will publish our own swapping platform.

  • And the most exciting thing is yet to come: we will start a raffle, where we will give away an exclusive sports car among our owners at regular intervals! Yes, you read correctly: no NFT and no toy but a real exclusive sports car! Each NFT is a winning ticket. The more NFT’s you have in your set, the greater your chance of winning. We cannot yet say when exactly the raffle will start. Anyway, this may not be possible before sometime in 2023.

  • Wanna know more? Stay tuned and make sure to join our Discord!
Dec, 2022

And what happens after that?

We will regularly release new collections and continue to develop the quartet game and we look forward to playing with you for a long time to come.


  • What is Superfast.cards?

    Superfast.cards is the first NFT Collectors Card Game with chrome and horsepower. And it is more than a nice collection of collectible NFTs but a fully playable car quartet game in which each NFT represents a playing card. And thanks to the blockchain, each card is unique and has a distinct owner. One can therefore say: we have made it our mission to evolve the traditional car quartet card game into an exciting polygon-based NFT game.

  • Who's behind Superfast.cards?

    Behind the Superfast.cards project is Superfast Games Inc. The main focus of the company is the Superfast.cards project and the entire current commitment of the team is concentrated on the successful implementation of the same. Even though this project is the heart and foundation of the company, it is also meant to be a starting point and generate a variety of future projects. Some of the ideas are already being prepared, others are only concept approaches so far, and still others have not even been thought of yet. Nevertheless, Superfast Games Inc. will be home to a variety of entertaining games and inspiring projects that have only one compelling thing in common: the fact that they are based on blockchain technology.

  • Tell me more about Superfast.cards!

    The Superfast.cards project brings together two popular NFT topics: Collectible Trading Cards and Gaming, using the time-honored concept of car quartet card games, which saw their greatest popularity in the 1970s and 1980s. The principle is simple: each trading card represents a car, with several cards always forming one card category (e.g. German Sports Cars or Modern Italian Racers). The cards are beautifully designed and invite to be collected. The goal is, of course, to get as many card categories full.
    But in addition to the collectible value of the cards, they can also be used as simple playing cards in a variety of exciting game combinations. The spectrum is wide and ranges from simple player vs. AI games to complex multiplayer games and comprehensive tournaments. You can play for fun or you can play to win: tokens (PETROL) or more NFTs for your own set. The possibilities are virtually unlimited.
    While the playing card sets of our youth only ever contained an average of 32-48 cards and the games were mostly incompatible with each other, Superfast.cards are compatible across all categories and collections and can actually be played with each other from the basic “The Collection” through the “Gold Collection” to the planned “Black Collection” – a grand total of over 1,300 individual cards.

  • What's the basic principle of the game?

    The basic principle of the game is very simple: the better car(d) wins! This simple concept is easily and clearly understood and already explains the main aspect of the game rules.
    Each player plays with his own cards, i.e. the NFTs he owns – regardless of whether he is playing against the AI or against other players. This basic principle is always the same.

  • Where can I buy Superfast.cards NFTs besides the Superfast.cards website?

    The official secondary market for Superfast.cards NFTs is of course OpenSea. Every NFT holder of Superfast.cards NFTs can see his cards here and of course trade them (important: if you got NFTs via an airdrop promotion, you will only find them in the “hidden section” on OpenSea and have to “unhide” them manually before they appear in your regular account).

    Furthermore, Superfast.cards NFTs can of course also be purchased via OpenSea. This is especially interesting for NFTs from “The Collection” which cannot be bought individually via our own store, but only in a surprise five NFT pack.
    For all transactions through OpenSea, Superfast.cards receives a 10% commission.

  • Why can't I see my NFTs in my Opensea account?

    Your OpenSea account is only a window into your crypto wallet, showing all the fun NFTs inside. OpenSea does not store your items, your account is just providing access to view the transactions in your wallet.

    Now let’s look at two common reasons NFTs are not visible on your OpenSea profile.


    1. Your crypto wallet (MetaMask) is not connected correctly.

    • Close out your browser, clear your cache, and try reconnecting.
    • Do you have more than one crypto wallet?
    • If so, make sure you are connecting to the correct wallet.

    2. You just completed a transaction and you don’t see the NFT you just purchased.

    If there is high demand on the Ethereum blockchain, it could take more time to complete the transaction than anticipated. To double check, try looking up your transaction on Polyscan.



  • How do I un-hide/hide items from my OpenSea profile?

    You can now hide items from your OpenSea profile!

    To start, click the “More options” button on the top left corner of your NFT.


    Please note, hiding an NFT only hides the NFT on your OpenSea profile. It does not prevent people from looking at the blockchain to see what’s been sent to your wallet.