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Connect Metamask

Since you are playing with your real cards ( NFTs in your possession), you must connect your MetaMask in order to play. Why is that? We need access to your wallet to see what cards you actually own – and of course to send you your earned PETROL when you succeed. Thank you for your understanding.

Connect Metamask

Earn *

*Important: To earn the indicated amount you have to win all game rounds against the computer (3 for 3 Card Draw, 5 for 5 Card Draw and 10 for 10 Card Draw). If only one card less is won, the earnings are unfortunately 0. To read the rules of the game in full: please scroll down a bit.


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How to play:

The game principle is very simple: The better Car(d) wins!

The game mode is called “Play to earn” and that’s what this is all about! From the selector above you can choose your desired game and will see under “Earn” how much PETROL you will receive if you win all rounds of the game. The selection criteria are as follows:

1. Under “Game” you choose if you want to play with 3, 5 or 10 cards.

2. At “Player” you choose the cards you want to play with (Collection, Silver, Rose Gold or Carbon & Leather). It is important to note that you can only play with cards you own from the selected Collection. So if you want to play 5 Card Draw Silver, you need at least 5 Silver Collection NFTs. Of course you can always increase your stack and buy more cards in our store.

3. At “Computer” you decide with which cards the computer plays (Silver, Rose Gold or Carbon & Leather). You can only choose at least the same card level as the one you play with – no lower level.

4. “Beginner” indicates who may start (player or computer). Of course you have better chances if you have the initiative – but there is more PETROL to earn if the computer is allowed to start. It is important to know that the initiative changes as soon as the starting player has lost once. A game round is always started by the winner of the previous round.

If you have made all settings, you can see in the blue field under “Earn” how much PETROL you can earn if you win all game rounds. Important: You only earn if you win ALL game rounds of the respective game (i.e. with all cards) – if you lose even one round, you unfortunately earn nothing. But that doesn’t matter – you can try again right away!

Note: the “Play to Earn” game mode is free to play for an unlimited time for now. Please note that we may charge for playing this game mode at a later date. In this case we will announce this in time and early.

And now: have fun playing and good luck!