Welcome to the Slot Machine Pre Launch Game

Another daily chance to win a Superfast.cards NFT!

Can you hardly wait for the launch of the Superfast.Cards Game, too? To shorten the waiting time for all of us, we have developed a second little pre-launch game for you: the Superfast.Cards Slot Machine!

The rules are also very simple: Just like in a classic slot machine, you only have to press the lever (resp. press the SPIN button) and the three cards spin in a circle. And of course, the result counts: if three of the same cards remain standing, then you have won a Superfast.cards NFT!

To start the game:

  1. Share the game on Twitter and Connect to Discord (this is the requirement to participate).
  2. Connect your MetaMask Wallet (necessary for you to receive your won NFT).
  3. Spun and no luck? No problem! You can try all day until you win!
  4. Ready to Play! Have fun & good luck!

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You have won! You will get your Superfast.cards NFT soon!

Please check your OpenSea account regularly and pay special attention to the "hidden" section!

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