Welcome to the Daily Competition Pre Launch Game

Your daily chance to win a Superfast.cards NFT!

Can you hardly wait for the launch of the Superfast.Cards Game? To shorten the waiting time for all of us, we have developed a little pre-launch game for you: the Superfast.Cards daily competition!

The rules are very simple: Every day there is a different competition (eg. highest top speed or horsepower or lowest weight etc.). You can participate each day with one card from your set. Just select your card with the best value in the day's category below (you will already see the cards of the other participants below). At the end of the day, the card with the highest value will win another cool NFT from the Superfast.cards Collection.

Have fun and good luck!

To join the game:

Competition of the day: The card with the !
  1. You need to have some Superfast.Cards NFT ( Claim your free pack here )
  2. Connect to your MetaMask Wallet
  3. Choose the Card from your collection that you want to play with.
  4. Share on Twitter and get an extra boost () for your NFT Share on Twitter

Cards () already in the game:

Previous Winners